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House Keeping Services

Every establishment needs the services of a “CLEANER.” This refers to the Housekeeping Services that renders quality and efficient cleaning of the institution. Our company, POWER CLEAN BLDG. CARE & GENERAL SERVICES, INC. specializes in executing high class cleaning and proficient services. We are committed to serve with competence and we are able to standardize our systems to best fit in your organization. Knowledge of standard methods, practices, tools and equipment is highly essential, as well as the knowledge of occupational hazards, safety rules and regulations to provide the health and safety of our employees. Our main goal is to satisfy our client by providing the comfort and protection by cleaning and sanitizing. The following are our services:

  1. Clean building floors by employing scrubbing, sweeping and mopping techniques
  2. Collect trash from trash receptacles and dispose it off properly
  3. Shampoo, steam clean and vacuum carpets
  4. Clean glass windows and doors
  5. Dust furniture and walls and restore any damaged interior such as walls and electrical fixtures with the supervision of maintenance team
  6. Polish floors
  7. Clean and sanitize office machines and equipment
  8. Mix detergents or acids in accordance to safety instructions
  9. Move heavy furniture or equipment in accordance to instructions provided
  10. Make adjustments to cooling and heating systems as per request of the client.
  11. Making our employees available if demand arise from the client.

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